Sea Otter Adventure 2010: Day 4

We got the pro pump track built and dialed!

There were some creative disagreements, and we made some on-the-fly changes, but the track came out great. One local rider who has built and ridden lots of tracks said, “This is the best pump track I’ve ever ridden.”

People are are already generating great speed and hitting all kinds of combos and options. As predicted, the best riders are skipping turns in the S sections by jumping from berm to berm. Very cool. Everyone — from the diggers to my co-worker Kyle Ebbett to our boss Jeff Lenosky to his boss Jeff Frost — is stoked.

We shot photos and videos; I’ll get those up as soon as I get a chance, which might be tomorrow because …

… the forecast calls for an inch of rain! The deluge begins at 8 a.m. I’ll get up early and cover the track with tarps, then figure out the site drainage situation.

Always an adventure.

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