Rocking the Sufferfest vids

If you’re gonna ride the trainer, you might as well be focused and pushed. Sufferfest videos — a favorite among the gnarliest roadies — are rad.

Lately I’ve been hammering “Downward Spiral” and “Hell Hath No Fury.”

The Downward Spiral – Full power intervals from 2:00 to :15
• 60 minutes of structured agony at maximum effort
• Two sets of eye-watering, flat-out, descending intervals from 2:00 to :15
• Officially licensed ASO Pro racing footage from Paris-Roubaix and Fleche-Wallone
• Brilliant alt-rock soundtrack

I really like this one. I pin each start like Sea Otter dual slalom, then I settle in and try to stay well above threshold power. This is HARD. Perfect prep for general badassness and specifically DH. You Sea Otter fools might be more handsome than me, but you won’t be tougher.

The Downward Spiral: learn more and buy

Hell Hath No Fury – 2×20:00 race simulation
75 minutes with:
• 10:00 warm-up
• 2×20:00 race simulation
• 3:00 Team Time Trial
• Mental training from Athlete’s Audio
• Officially licensed footage from UCI PRO WOMEN’S World Cup races.

This is my “easy” base workout. Ha, easy my @$$. This one helps you maintain power for a longer time, with some hard jumps and painful smack talk thrown in. At first you’ll be like, “oh she’s cute …” then she’s gonna hurt you!

Hell Hath No Fury: learn more and buy

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