If you want to rip your legs off — and actually have some fun on your trainer — these Sufferfest videos are the ticket.

The Sufferfest: Downloadable cycling workout videos.

What they are
Sufferfest training vids combine real riding footage with on-screen cues for intensity and cadence. Each video has a specific goal, say sustained power or all-out violence. There’s also a healthy dose of smack talk.

You might be rolling in a pack 9/10 at 90 rpm when the lead rider takes off and the video says SPRINT 10/10 15 SECONDS! A moment later it says, IF YOU’RE LOOKING HERE YOU’RE NOT GOING HARD ENOUGH. Ha. Pin it!

When you buy each video, you download a huge (~1GB) movie file. Once you have the file, you can watch it on whichever device you like. I watch Sufferfests on the 30-inch monitor in my office.

Check out Sufferfest.com

Individual use: $11.99 (less than a drop-in spin at a high-end cycling studio; shorter vids cost even less)
Group use: $24.99
Buy all 10 Sufferfest vids for $89.99 (individual use) or $179.99 (group use).
If you are not stoked, you can get your money back.

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Here’s some info on each video:

The Downward Spiral – Full power intervals from 2:00 to :15
• 60 minutes of structured agony at maximum effort
• Two sets of eye-watering, flat-out, descending intervals from 2:00 to :15
• Officially licensed ASO Pro racing footage from Paris-Roubaix and Fleche-Wallone
• Brilliant alt-rock soundtrack

I really like this one. I pin each start like Sea Otter dual slalom, then I settle in and try to stay well above threshold power. This is HARD. Perfect prep for DS and DH. You Sea Otter fools might be stronger than me, but you won’t be tougher.

The Downward Spiral: learn more and buy

Hell Hath No Fury – 2×20:00 race simulation
75 minutes with:
• 10:00 warm-up
• 2×20:00 race simulation
• 3:00 Team Time Trial
• Mental training from Athlete’s Audio
• Officially licensed footage from UCI PRO WOMEN’S World Cup races.

This is my “easy” base workout. Ha, easy my @$$. This one helps you maintain power for a longer time, with some hard jumps and painful smack talk thrown in. At first you’ll be like, “oh she’s cute …” then she’s gonna hurt you!

Hell Hath No Fury: learn more and buy

Fight Club – Longer intervals and brutal attacks
• 60 minutes of scrappy, punchy, messy racing
• Prolonged time trial and climbing efforts with ‘surprise attacks’
• Officially licensed Pro racing from the 2009 UCI World Cycling Championships
• Pounding house/trance/dance soundtrack

Fight Club: learn more and buy

Revolver – Intense intervals & short recovery
• 45 minute workout – perfect for lunch hour!
• 15 one-minute intervals at maximum effort, with one minute recovery in-between.
• Officially licensed UCI footage from the Track World Cup, Cyclocross World Cup and both the U23 and Women’s Road World Championships.
• Driving alt-rock and electronic soundtrack

Revolver: learn more and buy

Angels – Climbing intervals
• Just over 60 minutes of CLIMBS!
• Warm-up and warm-down
• 10min over/under intervals and 3×8:00 climbs
• PRO races include Dauphine Libere, Paris-Nice and Liege-Bastogne-Liege

Angels: learn more and buy

The Hunted – Long, threshold efforts
60 minute workout with warm-up/down and:
• Put yourself in the story of a stage racer desperate for a victory
• 5:00 solo TT, 20:00 climb, 4:00 fast pedal descent, 5:00 breakaway, 5:00 attacks
• Official Tour de Suisse and Tour de Romandie footage

The Hunted: learn more and buy

Local Hero – Time trials and road races!
85 minutes workout featuring:
• 2010 World Championships
• 3×6:00 TT pyramids
• 5×3:00 Road Race misery
• Sprints! Sprints! Sprints!

Local Hero: learn more and buy

A Very Dark Place – 4:00 intervals at max effort
54 minute workout with warm-up/down and:
• 5x:400 maximum effort intervals
• Each interval has its own character, from steady effort to messy attacks and climbing
• Official Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, Dauphine, Fleche-Wallone and Liege-Bastogne-Liege footage

A Very Dark Place: learn more and buy

Extra Shot: 20 – Road Race Simulation – $6.99
20:00 race simulation to add on to any other ‘fest workout.
• No warm-up or warm-down.

Extra Shot: 20 – learn more and buy

Extra Shot: The Long Scream – Time Trial Hell – $9.99
30:00 Time Trial simulation from the 2011 TT World Championships
• No warm-up or warm-down. Just misery.

Extra Shot: The Long Scream – learn more and buy

If you buy a Sufferfest vid through the links on this page, I get a little something. Thanks for your support. Let’s PIN IT!!!


The Sufferfest: Downloadable cycling workout videos.