Real quick, for reasons of unreasonable pinned-ness:

– Today I finished a pair of clinics with Eric from New Jersey. The 30-something mechanical engineer topped off his day by buttering the step-ups at Lyons Bike Park. He was stoked. Me too.

– Lance Armstrong won the CO state XC championships! Good for him. I’m sure the regional pros were a bit bummed to see him line up. When you’ve won the Tour seven times, is it sandbagging to race Pro at a mountain bike race?

– My friend Robyn is spec’ing a custom titanium pump track frame from Dean Bicycles. As the consultant on this venture, I am excited … and envious.

– The Twins are at 30 weeks! You can see ’em tussling in there, and — wow — they emerge in seven weeks. Ultrasound tomorrow.

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