Reacquainting with the 20

Tomorrow I’m shooting the final photos for the book Pro BMX Skills. Stoked!

Today after I taught MTB at Lyons Bike Park, I planned the shots and reacquainted myself with the 20. Little! Quick! Fun!

Compared to the 140mm Stumpjumper I’ve been pump-tracking lately*, the Intense Factory Alloy 20 feels QUICK. If you nail this turn-to-roller, you can cruise the rest of the lap.

*Last week I did 100 laps in 20 minutes riding time. That’s my record — even faster than the Could it be all the strength and pedal training? Or the fact The Twins prevent sleep, and I’m now impervious to pain?

I try to load the first half of the turn so hard I fly over the front of the roller and get crazy backside into the straight. This bike is so responsive I felt like I was catching up.

Pumping rhythm. This will be a sequence in the how-to-jump section.

The bike feels great. The shots are planned. Pro BMX Skills is one step closer to being done.

Little-wheel braaap!

Know more. Have more fun!

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