Quotes of the week

Last week, that is. I spent quality time with some BMX luminaries in SoCal, and I now have 20,000 words of notes for my book. These quotes pop out:

“The best way is the way that feels best to you. Even if it’s slower, you feel more confident, and that makes you faster overall.”

— Danny Caluag, 20, current ABA AA Pro and Pro Cruiser champ; on whether he uses a timer to determine which line is fastest through a section.

In Danny’s second year as a pro, he did what’s never been done: He won both the 20 and Cruiser classes. Nice guy too.

It’s fun to watch Danny ride. This guy has so much power, and he directs it so precisely. Braaap!

“There’s a certain rawness that you can’t replicate scientifically.”

— Jason Richardson, 33, longtime AA pro and world champion with degrees in philosophy and global business; on how his construction worker friends are burlier than he is, even though he’s a pro racer and can lift a lot in the gym.

Yeah, Jason is a character. Very smart, very educated, very well spoken. And pretty good on a bike.

Practicing in front of his house. Do you thrust your hips this far forward? Do you pull this hard? Probably not.

“It’s like you’re back here, ready to pounce.”

— Toby Henderson, 46, BMX and MTB legend and entrepreneur; on the design of his Intense BMX frames. This guy is a character!

Toby expresses the emotional drive of the …

… Intense Factory Carbon XL.

Surveying his kingdom. Toby oversees THE, Intense BMX, Intense Tire Systems, SINZ and Vigor Helmets. His warehouse if full of cool stuff.

And this was just cool. Orange BMX track.

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