Quote of the day, Feb. 1 2009

I came across this while looking for quotes a bike catalog I’m writing.

“Such is the constitution of man that labour may be styled its own reward; nor will any external incitements be requisite, if it be considered how much happiness is gained, and how much misery escaped, by frequent and violent agitation of the body.”

– Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Johnson was an avid swimmer, rower and equestrian, and he was known to walk great distances — reportedly to shrug of feelings of melancholy.

He would have loved mountain biking!


I could use some mountain biking right now …

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  1. Ben Blitch says:


    I am a bit of a quote nut. You should look up some of Fredrick Law Olmstead’s quotes as well as Thoreau. Both of these guys would have been mountain bikers if they were around in current times.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Right on, thanks.

    Thoreau would have build SICK trails around Walden! But, I guess, as soon as they got worn in, he would have revegetated them and built new ones …


  3. Chris says:

    “From the bottom it looks like a steep incline.
    From the top another downhill slope of mine.
    But I know… the equilibrium’s there.”

    Fom the song Falling to Pieces by Faith No More.

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