Pushing the limits of pump track design (in my back yard!)

Yes, my backyard pump track is finally underway. The property is steep, the contour promising and the trees intriguing. I’ve been too busy to tackle this on my own, so I’ve engaged The Man Himself — James Hall, the best shaper in the northern hemisphere, soon returning to the southern hemisphere — to help make this dream real.


• Use the available terrain.

• Minimize digging.

• Drain well.

• Pumpable for endurance sets.

• Lots of line options.

• Jumpable options.

• Wind through the trees and surf the terrain like a sweet XC trail.

• Be rad.

Today James and I finalized the Phase 1 layout. Digging starts asap.

We expect to learn a lot about building pump tracks on steep natural terrain.

I expect the babies to win Strider Worlds in 2012.

Stay tuned as this comes together.


Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. John K. says:

    Lee I have a steep property as well, and want to make a pump track. Will your pump track be pumpable all the way around? In other words, do you have a place where you can pump back uphill to the top?

  2. fred p says:

    i’ve got a simple one in my back yard on a steep hill. just a modified oval really, the straightaways follow the contour of the hill and are only a few feet apart so you can gap across and up or down. the switch backs, coming off the upper straight, carve uphill 90 deg then we cut a steep berm into the hillside to bring it back downhill around the other 270 deg. drainage is a non-issue. pump all the way no problem but it’s doesn’t have the epic flow this is looking to have. very curious to see how it turns out.

  3. Mr. P says:

    On a hill here as well, looking forward to seeing the solutions.

    The one I built is a 5 pedal stoke to get back to the top of the track.


  4. Chuck Fantastic says:

    Any of you guys in the SD area wanna let me ride your track?? or know where in socal is a pump track i can ride?

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