PowerMax workout #2: a big slice of humble pie

I just got back from a brutally difficult indoor bike workout. One where I did not kick butt. Not even a little bit, not in any way.

My first PowerMax session six weeks ago was really fun: https://www.leelikesbikes.com/the-coolest-indoor-cycling-workout-ever.html. I suffered, but I was proud of my effort.

Tonight we did a series of hills and intervals, all right near or above threshold power. I started off feeling flat. After a long session at threshold I felt even flatter. I pinned the first hard interval — then POW! — that was it. I cut my threshold power in half and limped the rest of the way.

The rest of the class has been building up to this week by week. They were challenged, but they hammered right through the workout. If we all rode together, they would SMOKE me up the hills. Let’s face it: Getting up the hills is a pretty big part of mountain biking.

– Different bike. I’ve been riding my Stumpy for over a year. My body knows that position. I tried a cross bike. Much steeper seat tube, blah blah.

– Asthma. I felt some tightness before I left home. I meant to grab my inhaler but spaced it.

– It’s not my thing. Hey man, I’m more of a sprinter. I have pump track fitness. I’m fast where it counts — on real terrain.

Yes, I’m used to pedaling in a different position. And yes, my lungs seized after that first interval (and it was scary).

But that last excuse — I’ve had it with that one. … Hey bro I’m more of a downhiller. It’s just not my physiology. I focus on skills. … blah, blah.

Look, there’s no reason not to be able to pedal harder/longer/faster. Sure, a lot of riders overemphasize pedaling fitness at the expense of overall fitness and technical skills. That’ll never be a danger for me.

Even with my limited training time, I can be more disciplined with my intensity. I mean, if I’m climbing this 2.4-mile hill to my house a few days a week, I might as well do it a bit faster. At least some of the time.

There’s no reason not to.

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