Off to Carbondale

I’m off to teach a two-day clinic in Carbondale, near Aspen, Colo. Day 1 is drills and skills. Day 2 is on-trail application. I look forward to ripping some new trails and rocking the Carbondale public pump track.

Maybe sneak in a run at Keystone on the way home …

Sweet style!

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  1. Darryl Fuller says:

    And after 20 years of riding dirt I thought I knew how to ride… Seriously though, working up through the basics and drilling the skills has opened my eyes and provided a glimpse of what could be the most significant growth and development I have experienced since my early days ripping in the Santa Cruz mountains. Thanks Lee for delivering the goods and helping us push the limits, so that we can help our students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School rip even harder.

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