Nederlands dirtjump success story

Hi Lee. Just wanted to pass on a good news story. We built a cool little pump track in our backyard a couple of years ago and have had a great time on it. A lot of the neighborhood kids stop by to take a few laps, too. My two sons and a couple of their friends dreamed about having a local dirt jump park to ride on. This crew planned everything out, did some internet research, and called the city council to schedule a meeting to pitch their idea. …

They showed up to their meeting with a petition with signatures from several residents, a 1:50 scale clay model for the park, well-thought answers to anticipated questions, and moral support from an ever-expanding group of bike friends. The councilman was totally impressed with their idea, plan, and presentation. Two months later, we just got word that the project was approved and will be built as submitted. The remaining issue they are working on now is funding for the fence. Just thought you’d like to know that our little village in the Netherlands will soon have a beginner-intermediate level dirt jump park…with pump track included. I am extremely proud of these kids, all of them.

I just wanted to get the word out to show other kids that they can make a difference in their own situation and benefit others as well. Don’t let age stop you, and don’t let the negative people stop you from trying.

Thanks for listening Lee.


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Dale, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

OK kids, you heard it here first:

“Don’t let age stop you, and don’t let the negative people stop you from trying. ”

— Lee

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  1. Nick says:

    I got all excited when I saw Nederland, only to realize that it was The Netherlands. Nice work by the kids to get their city council to open up an area for bikes. We need advocation all over the world. Hopefully we can get some more opened up here in Colorado

  2. cmc says:

    Hey do you all have any pictures? I’d like to see the plans, the clay model, and the finished result !!

  3. Dirt Jumper Tomas says:

    I’m new to dirt jumping and my friends and i are building a couple of dirt jumps in the woods.
    But i was wandering what to do with the pits you have by digging the dirt for your dirt jumps….
    Any ideas ?

  4. Dale says:

    Hello again. I want to update everyone on our dirt jump park we’ve been working on. Since I made my original post here, it got noticed by a guy who happens to work for Red Bull Netherlands. He offered to help in some way, and wow…what an understatement. Red Bull is bringing the Backyard Digger over here to the Netherlands from Germany to build our spot. Not only that, they are going to be building two other spots while they’re here in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The Backyard Digger crew will start building here on 28 September and finish it on 30 September capped off with an opening jam. Doesn’t matter if you ride a BMX or MTB, anyone will be welcome to ride here on our spot. Any riders reading this in the Netherlands, we could use extra hands to help shovel and shape the jumps. And yes, we still intend on building a pump track as well. Anyone local here that can help, please email me at and I’ll sign you up. Thanks!

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