My FOX DHX shock is missing something!

Hi Lee,
I have recently discovered your web site and have enjoyed your articles and insight. I know that you are a fan of the Specialized Enduro so I have a question about the Fox DHX 5.0 on this bike. I recently bought a 2006 Enduro Expert and I noticed that the Fox DHX 5.0 shock does not have a separate valve for the secondary cylinder.

I have a friend with a Santa Cruz Nomad with a Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock and his shock has a shraeder valve for the primary cylinder AND one for the secondary (bottom out) cylinder. In looking at the Enduro Frame it looks as though there is not enough room for the valve on the secondary cylinder to clear the frame, that much makes sense.

But, how do set or adjust the air in the secondary cylinder? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work on the site. I am a huge fan!

Drew Weerts

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Hey Drew,

Thanks for the kind words.

Many FOX shocks have custom specs for individual manufacturers. For example, valving is often tuned for a bike’s spring rate and desired ride characteristic. Being a neighbor and riding buddy, Specialized has worked especially closely with FOX.

On your DHX Air, the boost valve pressure is set at the factory. You can’t adjust it, and do you know what — you don’t need to. Just dial in the bottom-out resistance, rebound and ProPedal, and you’ll be set. (That’s a lot to adjust!)

Most consumers (and shops) aren’t sophisticated enough to adjust every possible option on a modern shock. Removing that air valve is a smart way to make sure nobody screws up the ride of such a sweet bike.

Ride forth Enduro Bros!!!

— Lee

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