MSC final – Keystone Climax

Real quick while I’m trying to access my web mail in Dillon, CO:

Dual slalom had the typical fast berms, rollers and jumps, plus a few very tricky flat corners. Racing action was HOT HOT HOT. The course made for exciting back-and-forth in all classes. Dave Camp won pro men; Lisa Myklak took pro women.

Downhill is the same as it ever was. A mix of fast and technical, for a very long time. Fast pros were in the mid eight minutes. Most humans were in the tens. Great stuff.

My dudes: Everyone did really well, from The Fix monkeys to the Vet Experts to Zach Grifith in semipro. Zach had the ride of his life in slalom, almost beating Petr Hanak, who is stupid fast.

I’ll post more when I can. Gotta be in Reno tomorrow for a clinic.