Lyons Bike Park: We’re moving dirt baby!

T-minus 15 days until the Lyons Outdoor Games. The weather is bad and the resources are spare, but things are starting to take shape.

Also: Come out and dig this Saturday!

Doug from left Hand Excavating told me to mark the features using stakes along the fence. Every stake has a stake number (linked to the diagram), name of feature, inset from the fence, height of feature and length of feature. Lee Likes Obsessive Compulsion dot com!

When it comes to marking the terrain features, there’s a lot at stake. Har har. I’ll be here all week. And next week. And the following week …

Left Hand Excavating works from the fence-line stakes. We mountain bikers need to see flags on the ground. It’s cool to see how everything will fit together.

Natural terrain loop and pump track. Oh yeah, can you feel the flow?

Raul, the owner of Blue Mountain Stone, delivers the sandstone himself. Jake from Left Hand (a trail moto rider) is stoked to start building some SICK rock sections. “I’ve been placing rock for four years, and it’s never this cool.”

Once the Left Hand Excavating has a plan and the dirt, they pin it! This is the low end of the start ramp.

Building up the tall end of the start ramp. The roll-in for the Outdoor Games jumps will be 14 feet tall. Huge.

First thing tomorrow:

– Check in with the team. Make some decisions based on materials, resources and time. At this point it’s all about logistics — especially with donated materials and labor.

– Hopefully have enough dirt placed for Brandon T. and the Yellow Designs Stunt Team to start shaping the jumps.

– Stress out. Make some progress. Feel better. Repeat.

This is going to be so rad.

Thanks everyone!

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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