Looking forward to tomorrow

This week has been a mixed bag.

Yesterday: I had an MRI on my left shoulder. The labrum was repaired in 2002, and it looks like it’s time to go back in and fix some stuff. Turns out I’m claustrophobic; when they slid me into the magnetic tube, I freaked out!

Today: 12 hours of pinned software design and business plan writing. Gotta pay the piper.

Thursday: An MRI on my right shoulder, related to that whole non-unified clavicle thing. We’re tying to figure out which shoulder is more jacked up and needs to be fixed first. I am savoring pushups while I still can!

But tomorrow: Work at home then meet Farid and Brett up in Lyons. We’re gonna climb up the new Picture Rock Trail into Heil Ranch, rip a Wild Turkey loop then pin it back down.

Let’s all have fun tomorrow.


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