Looking forward to tomorrow

This week has been a mixed bag.

Yesterday: I had an MRI on my left shoulder. The labrum was repaired in 2002, and it looks like it’s time to go back in and fix some stuff. Turns out I’m claustrophobic; when they slid me into the magnetic tube, I freaked out!

Today: 12 hours of pinned software design and business plan writing. Gotta pay the piper.

Thursday: An MRI on my right shoulder, related to that whole non-unified clavicle thing. We’re tying to figure out which shoulder is more jacked up and needs to be fixed first. I am savoring pushups while I still can!

But tomorrow: Work at home then meet Farid and Brett up in Lyons. We’re gonna climb up the new Picture Rock Trail into Heil Ranch, rip a Wild Turkey loop then pin it back down.

Let’s all have fun tomorrow.


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  1. Mr. P says:

    I have a bottle opener that says, “the amazing healing power of beer”, but I think an another possible statement might be, “the amazing healing power of stoke!”

    Go get some! Then have a healing beer too!

    I’m pump trackin’ tomorrow!


  2. Chris says:

    I got slid into one of those MRI scanner thingymajigs a few years ago…I’m claustrophobic, I freaked out too.

  3. Jeff Kendall-Weed says:

    Wow, hope everything gets done up right and this is the end of your shoulder issues!

    Haven’t seen any moto stuff on your site in awhile now. Have you been off the moto since you discovered the “non-unified clavicle”?

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to justify the red beast when you’re missing a bone.

    DUDE: Saddest thing ever:

    Last Friday I sold my 2006 CRF 250R. It was a factory team practice bike, and it was absolutely amazing. The thing is, it’s been sitting for almost a year. Not a worthy application of that machine. So I sold it to a racer buddy, and he is wringing it out. It was the right thing to do, but it still stings. All that Honda love, converted to a mortgage payment …

    BUT: I still have the 450X, so all is not lost! 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Okay, Lee, when you and your wife have all of your surgeries out of the way, you need to go on vacation and just have fun! If you need a great shoulder surgeon, I know an awesome one who specializes in knees and shoulders. I loved him! But I’m sure you’ve got a great one up there in Boulder already. Good luck!

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