Lateral dominance issues

hi lee,

need help with cornering, i can corner ok on both sides. but when it come to doing cutties, drifting and even whips, i only can do them turning right. cutties to the left is just impossible, most of the time i end up having the front tire lose traction before the rear. i keep leaning lower and keeping my weight on the front tire but it just doesn’t work. how can i overcome this?



Hey Adam.


– When you corner, which foot is in front?

– Are you left or right handed?

– Which leg is stronger?

– Hair metal or glam rock?

— Lee

wow, that was a fast reply!! i am left handed, right legged, but my
right hand is stronger, and most of the time i ride with my left leg
trailing although i can ride with my right leg trailing too. when i
corner, mos tof the time its with the outside foot down, i do rail
burms with my pedals flat but i am not sure which foot is forward. and
i think i would go with glam rock. 🙂

thanks, adam

Adam, I’ve been coaching a lot of riders, and everyone has different movement preferences. They come from habit, injuries and goodness knows what else — dominance issues, I guess. Everyone has a favorite side for cornering, whips or tables — even Lopes.

I wanted to give you a more technical answer, but all I can say is: Practice both ways. Slow it all down and concentrate on the basic moves. In time you’ll become more balanced. But no matter what I do, I still corner better to the left …

— Lee