In progress: Cool things

1. Skills camp this weekend at Darnerland, in Nathrop, CO. Coaches: me, Jon Watt, Bobbi Watt and Zach Griffith. Pupils: 18 riders ages 9-51, beginner-semipro. Location: The sickest square mile on Earth, with two 4X course and a DS course. Let’s hope for good weather.

2. It’s been hard to keep this secret: Steve Wentz and I are building a huge bike park at Lory State Park near Fort Collins, CO. I did the documentation; right now Wentz is doing the dirt. Within a couple weeks the park will have: A. a fenced-off skills area, B. the world’s largest pump track (sorry Weir), C. a dual slalom course and D. three lines of dirt jumps. The bike area will be open to everyone who pays the park entry fee. We’re planning a big opening party; details at 11.

Last night my rear quick release failed, and I ate it *very* hard. The mild concussion and total body pain aren’t cool, but just about everything else is. Have a great weekend!

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  1. T-Coop says:

    Quick release are for lycra wearing cross country guys, should have a through axle with nuts :O(. Just kidding Lee how are you doing? I bent the hell out of my rear quick release on my Enduro on some redicules drop on Porky Pine Rim two weeks ago so I’ll be changing that out atleast twice a season! So this dual slalom in Ft. Collins will he have a gate probly not a? Ever going to get a Norba race up there, just wondering? By the way picked up a Yeti 4x #6 of 100 special project bike. It has realy gotten the HP problem under control, here I come John Watt and Ross Mylin :O) T- COOP

  2. Jimbo says:

    Hey Lee,
    Sorry about your wreck.. that sucks. Let me know if you guys need some help up in Fort Collins.

  3. brent says:

    Yeah your right NorCalHeckler there’s no riding around here during the winter! Life sucks sooo bad.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    No kidding on the QR. My P.3 frame has really thick dropouts plus a spacer for the derailleur hanger; apparently the QR nut didn’t have enough overlapping threads. I put on a massive QR for a bike trailer. That should do the trick, but a through axle is sounding like a good idea.

    The head is clear, but the body still hurts!

  5. mikerod29 says:

    Lory state park is awesome, I rode there alot when I was at CSU, but the winters are most definately the reason I came back to Cali, by the way this winter I will create the worlds largest pump track as my parents have 275 acres to play on, I just need some help, who’s down? They are just north of Sac!

  6. wayne says:

    I propose that the pump track nationals be held off season from the rest of the primary mountain bike races. January would be a good time. 😎

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