In progress: Cool things

1. Skills camp this weekend at Darnerland, in Nathrop, CO. Coaches: me, Jon Watt, Bobbi Watt and Zach Griffith. Pupils: 18 riders ages 9-51, beginner-semipro. Location: The sickest square mile on Earth, with two 4X course and a DS course. Let’s hope for good weather.

2. It’s been hard to keep this secret: Steve Wentz and I are building a huge bike park at Lory State Park near Fort Collins, CO. I did the documentation; right now Wentz is doing the dirt. Within a couple weeks the park will have: A. a fenced-off skills area, B. the world’s largest pump track (sorry Weir), C. a dual slalom course and D. three lines of dirt jumps. The bike area will be open to everyone who pays the park entry fee. We’re planning a big opening party; details at 11.

Last night my rear quick release failed, and I ate it *very* hard. The mild concussion and total body pain aren’t cool, but just about everything else is. Have a great weekend!

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