How to climb the Lyons Pyramid (and other ledges)

Hey Lee…got the book and I’m practicing skills. The flatland cornering is coming along great. Next is ledges like the one Ron is going up @ Lyons. Just wondering what some technique tips would be and what to practice first in the parking lot to get up ledges like that…wheelies, manuals, bunny hops?

Peace, love and unity and take care of the wife & twins


Hey Dan,

Thanks for the kind wishes. The Twins are at 22 weeks and making plans!

Yeah man, Ron made clean work of those ledges. Those blocks are 18 inches tall, with square edges, and they are just over a wheelbase apart. Pretty impressive.

Ron rocks the A line on the Lyons Pyramid.

When I teach this stuff, the progression goes a bit like this:

1. Pedal wheelies. Combine a rearward weight shift with a good braaap of the pedal.

2. Fore-aft balance. As soon as the front end reaches the top, shift your hips forward to stay balanced over the pedals. You have to go farther forward than you think. Yesterday a group of us did a 3-hour clinic focusing on this one skill.

3. Loading and unloading the rear wheel. On a big ledge, you rock #2 and #3 simultaneously. Bunny hops are great practice.

4. Pedaling smoothly and powerfully — and at the right times. Work on your instantaneous torque. Braaap.

You can practice these skills on any ol’ curb. Focus on one component at a time, and soon you’ll be Rocking Like Ron ™.

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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