Gee, thanks guys

It’s 3 degrees here.

Brian Lopes and Chris Powell just called from Socal, to tell me how much fun they had today — riding on dirt, not snow.

“Oh man, it’s cold,” said Brian, “it’s like 48 degrees.”

Gee, thanks for the update.

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  1. Grant says:

    Yeah, let ’em brag. I had friends in Arizona call to tell me the temp. Wait for summer, and we’ll see who is laughing then. Besides it wasn’t like yesterday’s snow shoe was a bad workout it just wasn’t riding.

  2. albino rhino says:

    it is super cold here in sactown, I don’t think it is going to break 50 today and I actually had ice form on my windshield overnight, reminds me of summer in fort collins!

  3. Adam says:

    Was -5 here this morning and got 8″ of powder last night so I was able to just sweep off track. I still can’t believe how much faster it is now that it’s frozen, my knees get week after the second lap!

  4. albino rhino says:

    As much of a hard time as I gave you guys in colder areas earlier at least you can still ride your pump tracks, mine is in red clay and since it has rained it won’t be usable until spring unless I want to redo the whole darned thing!

  5. Brian Buell says:

    Thats pretty funny! I was in socal and it was 50, i thought it was great, I wasn’t sweating at all but every californian thought that the world was going to end!

  6. brent says:

    If California wasn’t in California I would consider moving there.

    I’m sure NorCal would be nice but SoCal… no thanks!

  7. Noah - OTE Sports says:

    I just got back to Coloradness from 10 days in Sedona where it was hovering between 55-70 almost everyday. It is 2 degrees here right now in Junction. There is snow everywhere, it will be a long time before the trails are ready to rip. I guess I’m driving to Slickrock again this weekend.

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