Game on in Superior, CO

After two years of meetings, presentations, site visits and political fu, I’m officially in contract with the Town of Superior to design and help build their new bike park.

Today I surveyed the site with the town bosses. I’ll start design right away. We dig in March.


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  1. Simcik says:

    Let me know if you need someone to bounce ideas off of. We will be at Gunbarrel tomorrow with a crew, and Boulder is supplying a loader, serious work ’bout to get done!

  2. WAKi says:

    I’m red from envy! First you will draw the symphony of trails and then as a maestro directing the orchestra of diggers, sweet!

  3. zach says:

    Congrats good buddy. Sounds like there are about to be some good times held in Superior. Let me know what I can help out with.

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