First laps on my pump track

James Hall and Ted Van Orman have done a great job on my backyard pump track, and today we rolled the first test laps.

The track is still unpacked, but it already has great flow. Getting up the hill is not an issue.

James rallies uphill on the fresh north berm. Photo by Ted Van Orman.

James dives down into the north berm. Photo by Ted Van Orman.

I test the south berm in the DH direction. When this is packed rock hard, it’s going to be a mind blower. Photo by Ted Van Orman.

James rails the south berm. As you pass that tree after the little table, the throttle cracks wide open. Photo by Ted Van Orman.

Ted rails up the north berm. The straight leading into this berm is incredibly fast. We need a taller berm. Photo by James Hall.

BTW: A few days ago it snowed 6+ inches, and there were no puddles. This thing drains, man, drains.

I am getting very, very stoked here.

Know more. Have more fun!

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5 replies
  1. WAKi says:

    This looks just like a pure sweetness. It would probably look super cool to have a long exposure pic with head lights 😀

    Speaking of headlights, I found a good drill for practising neutral position: ride rough downhill trail with headlamp at night – all I could do to smoothen the trail was to stay as relaxed and as neutral as possible, as it is nearly impossible to percieve size of rocks, roots and the drop offs… usualy invisible, so woohoo, hope you were not on your bars boy!

    Going back to ontopic – Great inspiration to dig, thanks!

  2. Jeff says:

    On one of your picture captions you said you needed a taller berm. Is there a way to do that/ are you going to mess with it now that you have it shaped so nicely?

  3. leelikesbikes says:


    James and Ted scored the existing berm, stacked more dirt on top then reshaped and hand packed.

    If the weather is decent, tomorrow is vibratory compactor day.

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