Extreme Indoor Recumbent Action!

Oh yeah, you gotta see it to believe it.

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Super Extreme!

OK, I admit it

Yes, I own a recumbent. It’s a totally rad one: hand made steel frame, Ultegra components, oh yeah. Back when a bad shoulder and an angry prostate kept me off my “wedgie,” I was the scourge of the Silicon Valley commute scene. Hauling mail down the expressway, khakis in my pack, safety flag flapping … sick!

If you think recumbents are dorky, consider that I used to race in-line skates. My dorkiness knows no bounds.

Burnin’ ’em up!

The mighty one now lives on a trainer in my basement, and all this snow means I’ve been riding him a lot. I usually read a chapter of some smarty-pants book, do a minute hard interval, recover while I read another chapter, then repeat. Apparently my awesome power builds up some heat — just ask the rear tire.

Recumbenting might not be the sexiest sport, but it builds great base fitness for Rollerblading.

House of Pain.
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