The 200-acre fire is now over 3,000 acres. Homes are disappearing and the fire is still growing.

We got out safely. Oscar Dog is cowering at the shelter. Ian is hanging with a friend. Finley, Fiona, The Wife and I are spending money at the Marriott in downtown Boulder. The babies are going ape shit. From the hotel roof I can see smoke billowing, planes circling, flames spreading.

The ridge behind our house is burning. The valley glows red. I can see where we live. OK for now.

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  1. taryn says:

    I thought about you guys this afternoon – happy to hear you’re in a safe, less smokey place. I’m watching from my house at the bottom of Lee Hill and the glow is dying back a little. I hope you and your neighbors find everything intact when you return, and may the return be swift.

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