Dirt jumping with Yellow

Yesterday I got to meet Yellow — an icon in the Colorado 20″ freestyle scene. I’ve seen him in videos and heard of his shows; it was a treat to finally hang out with him.

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After our Left Hand downhill session yesterday, I dropped the dudes at The Fix — and Yellow, Zach and Kyle were rocking some sweet style. I was tired, and all I had were my big bikes, but I had to rock it with ’em.

Yellow — who always rides a 20″ — borrowed a P-bike and commenced to throw backflips. A heck of a rider, and a nice guy too. yellowdesigns.com

Kyle was whipping out tricks I didn’t know how to describe. 360 tailwhips, inverted monkeywhips … I dunno, but very cool.

Zach with his typical hijinks. Dude, thanks for the photos.

This is about as tricky as I get. I gota say: This Enduro SL has to be one of the most versatile bikes out there. Trail, downhill, pump track, dirt jump … clipped in too!

Yellow is holding a skills camp May 19 in Casle Rock, CO. For details about that, his stunt team and his clothing line, check out yellowdesigns.com.

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