Designing a jump for a Slip ‘N SLide

Hey Lee,

I am thinking about building one of those giant slip n slides that uses a bungee cord to get people up to speed and sends them off a ramp at the end. I was thinking about doing a ramp somewhere between 45 and 60 degrees because I feel like going for more height than distance would be fun but I also don’t want to lose too much distance. Just wanted your opinion on that. Also I don’t have a clue how to do the curve of the ramp so any advice on that would help. At the moment I don’t know how fast we would be hitting the ramp because I can’t find a big enough bungee cord with a spring constant to do some calculations.

Thank you for your time,


Hi Nolan,

Thanks for the fun question.

I’d design this jump just like a bike jump.

Here are some good measurements for a nice ramp:

Make sure you have a safe, sloped place to land!

And you gotta send video.


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