Check your helmet!

When I was packing for last week’s SoCal coaching adventure, I happened to look inside my helmet.


From a helmet’s perspective, insulating your brain from impacts is a destructive process.

Helmets are disposable. When you crash, check for damage. If you see any compression or cracks, replace the helmet. If it’s a big crash, you should probably replace the helmet. If the helmet is old, it might be past its expiration date.

Read this:

YIKES! My wife won’t let me wear this again.

Thanks again to Jason Emmanuel for this Specialized Tactic helmet. It’s been my daily hat for two years, and it’s apparently saved me a few times.

Sending the Tactic to the Smithsonian. Starting fresh.

Do what I say, not what I did
Check your helmet after every crash. Don’t wait two years to randomly peak inside.

Inter cranial braaap!


Know more. Have more fun!

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