Buy LandWave ramps – free shipping!

I’m stoked on LandWave ramps and decks. The modular, stackable system lets you build all kinds of tracks and shapes. Lately I’ve used them for my kids’ birthday party and teaching various skills to clients.

Extra stoked: I found a way for you to save money on ’em.

Learn more about LandWave ramps >>>

Going down … you can teach (and learn) core skills in a very safe, low stress way.

Rainy day garage adventures. After Tex dialed this in, he was crushing my pump track.

Ordering landWave ramps from me has sucked because shipping costs so much.

Well … Target sells them. For less. With free shipping in the U.S. And they can ship outside the U.S. way more easily than I can.

So … get your LandWave ramps from Target!

If you make a purchase after clicking one of these affiliate links, I will earn a small commission. It’s less than when you buy from me, but I want you to get these awesome ramps!

All LandWave ramps at Target >>>

LandWave Starter Pack at Target >>>
Two ramps and one deck. You can do a lot with a few of these kits!

LandWave 4-Sided Pyramid at Target >>>
Four ramps and one deck. Lots of room for creativity.

Lots of options! This shows six starter kits:

Learn more about LandWave ramps >>>

Know more. Have more fun!

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