Build/ride session at Darner’s

Aching to dig and ride this weekend? You bring the muscles; Keith will provide a campfire, grill and a sweet place to spend a day or two.

This just in from Keith Darner Himself (with a capital H).

Saturday & Sunday March 10th & 11th

Build / Ride Session

Darnerville, A.K.A. – Nathrop 4X/ Slalom course.

We are working on the slalom and perhaps a few modifications on the Extra Crispy course.

Anyone who wants to come up and camp out on Saturday night is more than welcome. I’ll have a grill set up and a camp fire burning on Saturday night.

Bring food to grill. I have drinking water on hand. Also bring shovel and rakes.

The orginal course will be rideable and wewill have the gate fired up!

PLEASE DRIVE 15MPH MAX Once on the dirt road to the courses!!!!