Braaaping for endurance


Just wanted to say thanks. Your teachings helped me to finished my first hundie, the Cohutta 100, and all I have to say is braaaping saved me untolds amount of time and energy.

During the endless suffering I quoted “the book” chapter and verse. I pumped every feature for free speed. I carved turns like Thanksgiving turkey.

And while there is no substitute for training hard, I believe that riding smart is part of a balanced training diet.

Thanks again. Erik

Fall 2003: Specialized’s Brandon Sloan leads an all-star cast on an epic adventure in NorCal’s Henry Coe State Park. These guys braaaped every moment of that 6-hour ride.

Hey Erik,

Right on!

Braaaping, aka riding with solid skills and effective aggression, does a few things for you:

Saves energy. You aren’t bouncing off obstacles and struggling through turns. Rather than statically absorbing violence, you’re actively creating flow.

Increases speed. You reap the dual benefits of backside pump and black-belt smoothness.

Improves mood. Driving your bike, rather than merely riding it, gives you something proactive to focus on when you’re suffering. Don’t just hang on — rip it!

Braaaping makes every section more efficient, faster and more fun. And that really adds up over 100 miles.

Rip it!

— Lee

Curtis Keene, now one of America’s top DH racers, gets some in the middle of an all-day epic. Ripping every section of a long ride is fast — and fun.

Know more. Have more fun!

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