Backyard pump track: Convince your parents

hey lee. i want to ask u about a pump track. i was thinking about building one in my back yard but i still have to convince the perental units. any advice?

– l’belle


– Less maintenance, water and chemistry than a lawn. Xeriscape with a purpose.
– Great technique training. For bikes, skis, snowboard, moto or anything like that.
– Great for overall fitness.
– Great for mental strength. Focus, discipline, confidence. Your grades will improve.
– Keeps you near home, near your beloved family. Family values!
– Hours and hours of fun in a safe, healthy environment.
– It can still look really nice. Flagstones in the infield, flowers on the berms …

Hope that helps!

— Lee

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  1. Justin Brown says:

    I face the same problem…except it’s my wife. I have been telling her that it doesn’t have to be “mounds of dirt.” You’re going to want to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially if your neighbors are (somewhat) close. Like Lee suggested, flowers etc will help a lot. Maybe try to find examples of BMX tracks etc that are professionally landscaped to show them that you can make it look nice. You should also push the “keeping you out of trouble on the streets” angle and your parents will always know where you are. One MAJOR thing to think about is liability insurance. Make sure whoever is riding there signs some sort of waiver. Remember, we live in a nation of lawsuits (reference Lee’s story about Big Bear…or was it Mammoth?)

  2. PMAC says:

    My backyard track should be done within a couple weeks. I need to find some waivers before having “opening day” at the track. Anyone know a good source for waivers?

  3. Ben says:

    My friend Alex and I are building a pump track in his backyard right now, it should be done around mid summer.

  4. Kevin says:

    lee, you gotta make the math questions easier.

    my landlord was fine with me diggin out the backyard. mainly because it looked like a jungle before i started. when i move out, the deal is that i plow it flat andd seed it. speaking of my track, you should come shred it someday real soon.

  5. Nick lepesh says:

    hey lee, i am working on my own pumptrack right now. I have just finished the first burm and it’s perfect. I am kind of wondering if it will be worth all the work since my mom is going to plow it by the end of the summer to landscape?

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    Yep, it’s worth it.

    – Digging is kind of fun, and it makes you strong.

    – You’ll learn a lot for your next track.

    – You’ll love ripping the track.

    – Oh, and when your mom sees you so happy, she’ll let you keep it. It sure beats drugs!

  7. Smitty says:

    I’m about fininshed on my PT here in KY. and have a little bit final touches before the opening day, a few note I wanted to pass on for Northern dirt.
    -Use the removed grass to armor the outside berms and rollers. Will reduce erosion.
    -Build up then down. I started with 2 dump trucks of dirt, then made the track above ground, then started digging before/after berms and rollers to make it drain faster.
    -Don’t dig in the low flat areas, takes too long to be dry enough to ride. Find a mild slope, and you can ride 2-3 days after a rain.

    Question, could you post or email the rules for the pump track race, (Weir’s track) I read on you site?
    I’d like to host something like this here at my house.

    Thanks again for the site and information, Smitty

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