Back home safe

We tried this yesterday but fled back to the hotel because the power was out. Right now we’re de-evacuating (un-evacuating?) — bringing stuff in, putting stuff away, emptying the refrigerator. The babies have been asleep since we loaded them at the hotel. When they wake up Life (capital L) should be back to normal.

We feel very blessed that our family and house are safe. Our heart goes out to everyone who lost their homes. Huge thanks to all the firefighters who rocked it. Helicopters are still pulling water from our reservoir to fight the remaining fire. I hope everyone comes out of this OK.

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  1. Tony says:


    Huge gas explosion over the hill from our house.
    A whole block (53 homes)destroyed. Many pepple missing/presumed dead.

    Dropped off a bunch of stuff at salv army.
    Very sad days.

    Glad for you and yours,lee.

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