Another fire!

A fire is burning in Boulder Canyon. I canceled today’s skills clinic and am staying home in case we need to evacuate again.

Feeling pretty anxious.

11:45 a.m. Friday – The order came in: Prepare to evacuate.

1:15 p.m. Friday – Van contains the essentials: P.3, Stumpy, Enduro (Tricross is race-prepped at Boulder Cycle Sport); trainer; laptop; cameras; MMBSii books; Ian’s X-box and clothes; family photos; essential papers; a bag of my dirty clothes; diapers; baby wipes. The Wife is handling baby supplies and her clothes. I’ll grab this Mac workstation last thing. Prepared for the worst. Hoping for the best.

5 p.m. Friday – Waiting. The latest map shows the fire 2-3 miles and 1-2 ridges away from the house.

10 p.m. Saturday – Whew. The fire is mostly contained, and evacuations have been lifted. This morning was looking good, and today The Wife, babies and I attended the Golden Bike Park grand opening. I had a great time riding the flow trail and pump track. I’m all ready to race the Boulder Cup cyclocross in the morning. The back of the van is crowded — it’s still packed for evacuation.

Thanks to all who sent good wishes, and thanks to the firefighters. Rock!

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