American Supercamp, Part 1

I just spent two days railing XR100s inside a barn with a bunch of Type-A racerheads and some bad ass instructors. I’ll write a full story asap, but first these photos:

We started with a little speech and demonstration.

Time to ride! Those XR100s have plenty of gumption for a track like this.

Me, Lee, leading Fireman Jeff and Instructor Scooter — but not for long.

It’s all about body position. When you’re in the right place, these Donut Gems are effortless.

The master. Riding with 7-time Grand National champion Chris Carr is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan. But I doubt Jordan would stuff you in a corner.

Good stuff. More details when I finish the paying work.

American Supercamp

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  1. Alexander says:

    You know I remember going to family parties with Chris and the kids, but I havn’t seen him in a while. Good to see he is still playing around on the fun bikes! I havn’t seen him race since he won the Grand Nationals for flat track at the Sacramento Mile, I forget which title number that was. He trully is a first class gentleman and an amazing rider as well. If you like Super bikes I won’t tell you about growing up around the corner from Freddy Merkel…

    Strange, I never thought I would know people of this caliber, but it is a small world at times.


  2. Roger says:

    Glad you guys had fun. Fireman Jeff invited me but it is a long way from Cal. Let me know when you are coming out here and i will set up a ride in the desert.


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