All hail the short ride

Twelve hours of work chased by thirty-six minutes of ride. Three loops around the ‘hood: up, down, left, right, swoop, swoop, swoop. Hard enough to matter, fast enough to feel.

Ahh, better.

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  1. Rob says:

    I find those short rides are great to let out the steam from the day.

    I will go out and blast for 1hr and feel better.

    My wife will occasionally tell me to go for a short rip if I am gruppy or other words that I will not use.

    A short ride is better then no ride in my books.

  2. zach says:


    Lets talk short rides, after all we know I gave up pedaling after racing, which leads me to this question?When are you and that lovely wife of yours coming down to bbq and ride the new pump/jump track at the new house? that is how I get my swooop swooop on.

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