A pump track in every basement

When the snow just won’t go away, and you need some pump, what do you do? You go underground!

This just in from Jonathan, a coaching client and a Devout Disciple of Pump.

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Hi Lee,

Congratulations on the twins! I hope your wife gets through the “all day sickness” real soon. I hope you are doing well.

We still have snow in the woods and are expected to get 2-4 inches tonight. Some creative and resourceful friends solved the problem of where to ride when there is snow on the ground – BUILD A PUMP TRACK IN THE BASEMENT!

It is fun and definite proof that you don’t need much space. The corners aren’t perfect radii, but it still works!

Here’s a description: Two rollers lead into a large banked 90 degree left, pump out of that into a big bowled 190+ degree left, head into a tight low 100+ degree right berm, pump one roller and go into a medium bowled 180 degree left, and you are back to the two rollers.

It’s tight for sure, and 20″ bikes work best, but I’m more comfortable on my Sovereign and I was holding my own. Low attack position is by necessity so you don’t take your head off on the beams. 🙂

Here are a few pics. The creator/owner is Levi Kyser. The rider is Zach Beery.



PS: I smile every time I see the picture/vid of you pumping the esses at The Fix. I learned so much in those two days with you. I have dramatically improved my cornering/pumping abilities!

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Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for your note and these awesome photos. Pump Track Nation. Pump Track Basement!

The Wife is sick as we speak. She has a box of Saltines and a 6-pack of ginger ale by the bed. We all hope she feels better soon. I better build my pump track before The Twins arrive.

Publish globally. Ride locally.

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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