5 x 10 for braaapable toughness

My standard trainer ride is five 10-minute intervals, with some strength/mobility in between. I mix up the bike protocol depending on how I feel and what I want to fantasize about.

Last night’s bike sesh was fun and effective.

Finish work (for now) at 9 p.m. Don the Lycra, rock the iPod and mount the S-Works Tricross, which is mounted to a LeMond Revolution trainer. Flat pedals. I love wearing clunky shoes with the Lycra Death Sausage costume.

Interval 1 – 10 minutes of base

• Ease into threshold power and about 90-95 rpm in big ring/middle cog.

This is my new “base” output. I’ve been trying to both raise it and get more comfortable maintaining it. I feel like this is the bread and butter of cycling. How fast/hard can you go for a long time? My answer is “not very, but I’m working on it.”

Interval 2 – 10 minutes of braaap

Stay in base gear.

• Full standing sprint for 8 seconds

• Spin at base power for 52 seconds

• Repeat until the countdown timer says 0

I notice how lazy my second and third strokes are. Focus on improving that. Hammer from the start to the finish, peak around 140 rpm. Do you feel like you’re pushing as hard as you can? I’ll bet you can push harder.

Interval 3 – 10 minutes of toughness

• 50×11 standing for one minute. Focus on balance. Maintain around 75 rpm (this used to be 60 rpm).

• Base gear/output for one minute. I visualize technical climbs or pedally descents. Hammer out of the saddle then settle in and maintain. Cool, I just passed Brian Buell at the Winter Park DH enduro … “Go Lee” he says, then he passes me on the next gnar section. “Go Brian!”

• Repeat. Watch the heart rate creep into red line. Quality time!

Interval 4 – 10 minutes of braaap

• Petr Hanak and I meet in the Ranchstyle slalom final. We have a great time ripping a fast run. He is a strong, valiant and kind man. I love riding with that guy.

Interval 5 – 10 minutes of toughness

• I’m getting tired, and it’s hard to maintain base power after the standing intervals. Focus on hip/torso alignment. Stay tough. Get it done.

It’s now 10 p.m. Eat dinner. Work until 2 a.m. Deliver that sweet pump track design to South Germantown, MD.

I’d rather be riding a sweet pump track, but this does the job.

Know more. Have more fun!

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