Lyons Bike Park: First riding photos

We still have some work to do, but the park is ridable. We got a few shots at the end of yesterday’s work/ride sesh.

Overview as of yesterday afternoon. The guys from the Yellow Designs Stunt Team are testing the wooden takeoff for the Lyons Outdoor Games dirt jump comp.

Overview from lower on the start hill. it goes rollers, tables, future slalom, trick jumps. The pump track and natural terrain loop are at the far end.

We need Doug from Left Hand Excavating to shoot a photo from his helicopter!

Trick jumps
The twin step-ups are absolutely perfect. If you have any aspirations to hit big jumps, start here. Yesterday the Yellow Designs Stunt Team tested their wooden takeoff. The Games’ DJ comp will be a spectacle.

We are not screwing around! Without the wooden madness, this is an awesome learning/trick jump.

Local junior honch San Powers gives it a go.

Pump Track
I am stoked! We went from flat ground to Pump Track Nation in just six hours (thanks to Scooter’s backhoe and a great volunteer crew). The resulting track is closely integrated with the natural terrain loop; it’s all about mixing styles and spreading the love!

The first official train.

Sam lays into machine-built-and-hand-tuned berm. Yes, you can jump in from the rocks.

A couple hours after lunch, the lines were burned in enough for Sam to double between corners.

The heart of this track is formed by two back-to-back 180s. Will rips the transition figure 8 style.

Like ripping trail: Will pumps the smooth line around the rock option. My favorite shot of the day.

Natural terrain loop
The technical rock sections, especially tied with the pump track, integrate a variety of riding styles.

Ron dug and BBQ’d like a champ, then he ripped like a monster. Here he climbs the Pyramid. On the right is the berm at the end of the trick-jump line. To the left is the pump track. Everything is integrated.

More thanks to everyone who has helped: parks director Dave C; Glenn and Paige from Bitterbrush Cycles; Left Hand Excavating; Blue Mountain Stone; Hatrock Excavating; Eric, Jason and Duncan from IMBA; The Yellow Designs Stunt Team; Brandon Turman; Nick Simcick; Ron, Joel, Ian, everyone who worked yesterday, the list goes on and on and on.

We are getting this done!

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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6 replies
  1. Colin says:

    Nice work! I wish we had something like that in the Bay Area… Calabazas could definitely use a pumptrack. not to mention some good jumps…
    Any chance you can convince San Jose that we need something like this?!

  2. Brian says:

    At Calabazas you can ride the front section counterclockwise instead of clockwise as a pumptrack. It isn’t ideal but it works.

  3. Mateo says:

    Lee, a heartfelt thanks to you from my whole family! My little shredder and I rode the old jumps all winter…..we came out last week and saw your progress. Thanks for your time and efforts; I can’t wait to build a new bike! My little dude has already been rockin the small line on his Strider and can’t wait until the pump track is watered in and dialed so he can ride it too! Thanks again Lee, your the best!

  4. JOEY LAAKER says:

    Hey Colin, there is a killer park in Fresno. It’s called Woodward park and has a full on skills progression park, pro style trails and a downhill bmx track all right next to each other. at one point there is 40 jumps in a row. All tables and they start small and get progressivly larger. One of the best places I have ever ridden! I hope Lyons turns into something like that! See you there!

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