Fox Racing Shox pump track

I enjoyed the honor of a quick session at Fox Racing Shox’ company pump track last month in NorCal.

This fun track fits a whole lot of love — and line options — into a small space. Sorry, this track is not open to the public.

Jim Norman, Scott Papola and I get in some riding. Forgive the rough edit; every minute I spend not editing video, I spend on this site.

Track overview. This dirt is really hard to work with, but they sure are making it work.

The rules.

My favorite part of the track is this sequence of linked turns. Captain America in full effect.

Doctor Jim Norman manuals into the big 180.

Norman Rails the 180.

I lay into the 180.

Norman rips the toilet bowl. Man, this turn is tight.

I set up for the toilet bowl. Fun stuff. BTW: The 831 fork holds up heroically in these high-G turns.

Know more. Have more fun!

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