Word of the day: psoai

Cool little word that’s important to bike riders.

[soh-ahy] or [soh-ee]
noun, plural for psoas

Dictionary.com: Psoas is either of two muscles, one on each side of the loin, extending internally from the sides of the spinal column to the upper end of the femur, which assist in flexing and rotating the thigh and flexing the trunk on the pelvis.

Braaap: These hidden muscles play a huge role in the stability of your torso. Quality psoai lead to great pedaling and bike handling. If you don’t know your psoai, hit up some yoga classes. They’ll help you find ’em.

I met my psoai by doing downward dog to upward dog sequences. This movement is great for both flexibility and stability.

Psoai rock!

— Lee

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