Whistler ’05 Day 4: Buuuuuuuzzzzz …

Four days of riding and four nights of partying make for tired boys. Buuuuuuuzzzzz …

It’s 1:40 p.m. Saturday, and I’m sitting in the shade in front of Garbanzo Bike & Bean, watching riders huck themselves off the GLC Drop, skid to the pavement then get back on the lift. After a long summer of mountain bike teaching, writing, shooting, riding and racing, I’m ready for a break, but it’s fun to be around all these first-timers and recreational riders; they are digging every minute of it.

This morning we rode A-Line and No Joke to No Duff to A-Line, and I’m done. No injuries, but a hand blister and general discomfort. … General Discomfort, meet Corporal Punishment. Corporal Punishment, meet Private Anguish … I crashed hard on our very first run of the trip, but otherwise the riding has been clean.

Schley Drops

After we warmed up we headed to the big drops Richie Schley showed us yesterday. Richie rode these for the newest New World Disorder video, and Chris was feeling up to the task. A huck of this magnitude deserves the Canon 1D digital SLR, but my little point and shoot did its best:

Chris went first — clipped in with a high seat, racer style. Yesterday I said this was 18 feet tall. It’s at least 20 feet. For you metric Canadians, that’s 3 kilograms.

Super Canadian and nice guy Jeff Bryson wasn’t about to let an American show him up. Here he sends it.

Jeff on his 6-inch SX Trail. It’s way lighter and more nimble than a full DH bike, but it’s made to withstand some serious funny business. He said, “This is the best bike I’ve ever ridden.”

Brandon checks for damage. All good. Carry on.

In other news …

I was ready for Chris and Jeff to float off the second and bigger drop in the Schley series, but they decided against it. Pansies.

Chris sails a hip in the Boneyard Slopestyle area. Chris races DH and 4X for Cane Creek, and I must say he’s pretty good at bike riding.

The Manager is so hurt-making that you must sign a second waiver just to ride it. Brandon rolls it purple Demo 8 style.

That’s all for now. Expect a more coherent report soon.

Buuuuuuuzzzzz …

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