We all like motocross

Last week a few of us converged at the Berthoud Motocross Megaplex for our first MX of the year. If I use the words “motocross” and “fun” in the same sentence, it’ll be hella redundant. Hella.

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Introducing Darren Murphy

As the owner of PUSH Industries, Darren knows some things about optimizing machines, and he also knows how to ride ’em. Darren is very generous with his moto knowledge, and I learn from him every time we ride together. He’s been wanting to appear on this site, and here he is.

Big D doubles out of a whoop section. Braaap!

Darren’s favorite jump: tight right, full throttle, 3rd gear, boost to a short landing then braaap up the hill.

The loam was freshly tilled. Says Darren: Hold steady throttle and surf it out.

Style points in 4th gear pinned.

Special guest star Steve Wentz

I took one of my favorite pro downhillers on his first moto adventure, and he was pretty stoked. As I expected, he stayed away from the clutch and rear brake and rode my CRF450X and CRF250R like bicycles, which worked fine. The key to athletic performance is attitude, and Steve has a great one. I gave him a few tips, and throughout the day he continually made small improvements. By the end of the day he was jumping the doubles on the mini track perfectly — they’re about 20 feet; the size of a big bike jump, and he looked like he was on a bike.

This is exactly how Steve turns his bikes. Low. Looking. Smooth. Fast.

Yeah! Pimping a double on the mini track.

As for me

Some mysterious and powerful things are happening to me these days, and I see the effect in every aspect of my life: work, relationships and of course BRAAAP! Breakthroughs:

– Holding wide-open throttle all the way to and up jumps. 40-foot jumps no longer make exclamation points explode out of my helmet. Thanks Darren.

– Realizing I don’t have to be perfect in the whoops. Landing the big jumps equals ludicrous speed. Land wherever, stay centered, keep the throttle open and skim.

Low-quality video grab, but the cornering form is coming together. You can ride a moto like a bike pretty well, but to get beyond that you have to change some fundamentals.
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  1. m-dub says:

    So there are differences in fundamentals. My roots are moto and they have gotten me to the middle of the pack in the expert class but im stuck. Moto has that “pin it and hang on” that can get you out of troble somtimes and thats just a bad combo on a bike. I never think about cornering on a moto but feel like Im trying to disect every corner on my MTbike instead of riding from my gut. I guess I need ot read your book:) That right hand is alot of fun but railing a corner under pedal power is pretty powerful as well.

  2. Evan says:

    Q: How many NorCal kids does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Hella.

    Glad to read that you are planning for fun… it’s so nice when it all comes together. Speaking of all coming together, I’m in Fontana this weekend most likely. I’ll send you a report.

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