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Hi Lee,
I bought Mastering Mountain Bike Skills several years ago and made it my bible for quite a while. A couple years later, I started getting cocky about my riding skills and forgot all about the book. I stacked it hard about a month ago, managing to knock myself out, separate and dislocate my shoulder and injure my lower back.

I was riding too fast for conditions on a trail I didn’t know well and completely deserved it. This blow to my ego (and head) gave me some time and the impetus to re-read your book. A friend also turned me onto your website which is full of awesome tips.

I had my first long trail ride yesterday since the wreck. I got back to the basics of pumping corners, attack position and flow. I forgot all about going stupid fast and had an absolute blast. I just wanted to thank you for all the info which I promise not to forget this time!


Hey Zach!

Thanks for writing. It’s so cool to get this kind of feedback.

Dude, I am continually circling back to the basics. This summer, I’ve been having trouble with my hips because of cumulative fatigue and high-force riding. I’m focusing on core strength and even more centered riding. I’m learning a ton and having lots of fun.

Pretty sweet. Have fun out there!


Know more. Have more fun!

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