Thumbs down (again)

My orthopedist and I are becoming good buddies. He re-attached a ligament on my right thumb in mid July, and that has healed nicely. It’s sore and not very mobile, but right now it’s my good thumb.

Last Friday I was riding a motocross track and got landed on by an over-sauced meatball. Luckily, all I suffered was a bruised knee (from it smashing my radiator — thank you Dainese) and a dislocated left thumb. After the crash that wayward digit was wandering around under the skin of my wrist. Having no more patience for thumb injuries, I popped the metatarsal back into place on the spot, took a rest, taped it up and kept riding.

I know it wasn’t a good idea to ride, but I wasn’t sure about bashing the bone back into place by hitting it on my handlebar. People have been telling me horror stories of breaking off pieces of bone, going blind and becoming impotent when non-professionals wrangle their joints.

Good news 1: The doctor said it was right to “reduce” the injury right away. The sooner the better. He said it’s very unusual for someone to do that to himself. I’d like to thank St. Catherine’s Military Academy, where I learned about pain.

Good news 2: The prognosis is good. The doctor told me to wear a brace for three weeks “when there’s a chance I’ll crash.” Hmm … does that mean I should ride?

Fall is here and the trials are moist — and the red beast is ready to roll …