Temporary pump track for event in Finland

I sent a ready-to-build design spec to our man Tapio in Finland, and he’s built a temporary track for the Stadibike event. After the event, he’s gonna move the dirt and build a permanent version of the track nearby. Pump Track Nation!

Check out the videos:

Hi Lee,

Finally the temporary version of the pump track for Stadibike event is ready. We built it Tuesday evening, and yesterday adjusted few berms and rollers and rode it a bit. We didn’t do measurements accurately enough, so it’s not exactly like it is in your plan, but we will fix this and build the cross overs when the track is built again for the permanent location. Thanks for the design though, it’s great fun to ride!

A couple videos,


Tapio Kymäläinen

Right on Tapio!

The track looks pretty darn smooth. Great work!


Everyone: If you want a sweet design, with a ready-to-build spec complete with reference points, dirt quantity and step-by-step instructions, email me. You can get an existing design like this one, or I can rock you a custom design to fit your space and ridership.

Know more. Have more fun!

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