Here’s a sweet Sweet Little Track pump track

Hi Lee,

Just wanted to circle back with you (finally) as we built the Sweet Little Track back in late June. It turned out great and your plans and overall instructions were very helpful to this end. It’s a blast to ride and as you note it really freaks you out when you first experience the speed of pumping! Such a workout too, reminds me so much of steep fall line skiing.

Here are some pics after we first built it. Since then we have seeded the backside of the berms with grass for erosion protection.

There’s a few flat spots between the interior berms. OK for now as keeps the speed in check. The gap between the 110 berms is our entry point. Might do a bit of shaping with the rollers here a some point but fine for now. I ride it with a 20″ BMX bike and its great!

Hope you have a great Christmas season with your family and all best in the New Year!




That’s a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing your track with us!



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  1. Leroy Holmes says:

    Hi Lee,

    I have purchased your tiny track plans & pump nation ebook. I would like something bigger than the tiny track but smaler than the Sweet Little Track. I have around 12m x 11m of suitable back yard to ‘play with.

    Is it possible to scale the Sweet Little pump track down by 1/3 so the dimensions would be 12m x 9m?

    • Lee says:

      Hi Leroy,

      I suppose you can scale the track down, but the berm radii and roller spacing will become too tight.

      Even better: Don’t try to fit the Sweet Little Track in there. Make a great Tiny Little Track.

      Bigger is not better. Complicated is not better than simple.



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