Swag for an injured little dude

Armen is a very cool 7-year-old ripper. When he got hurt a few months ago, my friends and supporters sent him mega love.

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Armen and his dad Chip in Moab a couple weeks ago.

After the freak accident I sent this note to my friends and supporters.

Hi everyone,

I’d really appreciate your help with something.

I work with a 7-year-old dude named Armen Davis, who is a very enthusiastic ripper-grom here in Boulder. His dad is a dedicated XC/road rider, and his mom was a champion road racer back in the day. The whole family loves cycling — especially Armen.

Yesterday Armen got balled up in a turn, and his brake lever punctured his abdomen, bruising his intestine and barely missing his liver. Immediately after his surgery, he was watching bike videos. He’ll be off the bike for a while — and it’s gonna be tough for this little monkey.

I’m asking you guys for swag. Nothing fancy or expensive. Armen would greatly appreciate anything we give him: stickers, hats, t-shirts, a FOX 40 … 😉 I want him to feel the love we have in our sport, and I want him stay stoked to ride.

Thanks so much …

The love was immediate and abundant. Armen received hats, t-shirts, posters, videos, riding gear and lots of other goodies. His stoke stayed red hot, and he’s already ripping with Mom and Dad.

Special thanks to these people who supported a little dude in need.

– Brian Gavagan: Yellow Designs
– Craig Plocica : Cane Creek
– Jeff Lupear : Boulder Fire Department
– Jeremia Dylan Dean : Uptopia Optics
– Mark Vitelli: Airwalk
– Mateo Graziosi : Gamut USA
– Richard Travis : Hayes Brakes
– Rob Salcedo : Shift
– Ron Gager : The Fix Bike Shop
– Ryan Cranston : MRP
– Sean : Dopamine Clothing
– Sondra Williamson : Specialized
– Tom Fox and Greg Niver: Optic Nerve
– Zach Lewis : for wrangling your sponsors

Happy little dude. Thanks again everyone.
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