Superior Bike Park build: Day 1

Today was our first real day putting shovels to dirt. The day was cold but fruitful.


Nick Simcik, Jerad Fischer, Farid Tabaian and me


• Roughly shaped the expert pump track (by hand).

• Placed dirt for beginner pump track (with skid steer loader),

• Roughly shaped beginner and expert start hills (with skid steer loader).

• Roughly shaped expert flow line (with skid steer loader).

All dirt is in place. Now it’s all about the hand shaping.

The pump track as of this afternoon.

I can’t wait to ride these corners!

Lessons learned (again)

• Make sure you start with good dirt. Our free dirt is very rocky, and that’s making the build much more work. It will also make maintenance much harder.

• Be a stickler with the equipment operator. If dirt isn’t placed correctly with the loader, you’ll be moving it by hand.


• Water and pack the pump track. Tomorrow’s snowstorm might help in the water department.

• Shape the expert flow line.

This is Day 1 of a 14-day push, and I am already worked. I should be in great digging shape for the Sea Otter pro pump track.

Come out and help

This is a community project, and we need community muscles. The big dig days are scheduled for March 12, 13, 19 and 20. If you want to come out mid-week, let me know. Nick Simcik, Jerad Fischer and/or I will be out there constantly for the next two weeks.

Community Braaap!

Random: Rescue training in my neighborhood reservoir.

Know more. Have more fun!

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