Summit County Slurpee Session

During our downhill camp a couple weeks ago, we took the SMBA monkeys downhilling at Vail, then we got some Slurpees and went dirt jumping. The dudes tore it up. If only they could be this confident around girls their age …

Blair. Big hip jumps: no problem. Talking to girls: big problem.

Lisa of the Myklak, was in town training, and she showed what happens when you practice.

More Lisa, full pro style. Gee, is that a Yellow Designs t-shirt?.

Local honch Nate kills it, and he was super cool to boot.

Joey with a monster look-down.


Blair. This hip is fun and big!

Captain Curtis Keene.

Gee, is Curtis riding Fox suspension?

Keene’s better side.


This rhythm gets big, and the trees get close.

The guys have to talk to Lisa — she holds the keys to ripping.