Sometimes you have to hit the gym

You know how it is: You really want to ride your bike, but sometimes you can’t get out to ride, and, besides, off-bike training is good for you.

Off-bike training:

– Makes you more flexible.

– Makes you stronger.

– Makes you even more excited to ride.

That’s how I feel at work these days. I really want to finish my books and work on this site, but I can’t find the time and, besides, the other work is good for me.

The other work:

– Makes me more flexible. I’m learning a ton about business, software, design, writing, photography, working with a team — everything.

– Makes me smarter. And pays the bills.

– Makes me even more excited to write Mastering Mountain Bike Skills part 2, finish Pro BMX Skills, rock this site, teach bike skills and do all the other stuff I love to do.

OK, back to this monstrous Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes you have to hit the gym …

— Lee

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  1. Greg says:

    Hey Lee I hear you!

    I went for my first ride in about 3 mos yesterday. (decided to descend below the snow line) I’ve only been working out on the treadmill and doing the DB Combo routine. Other than my bike skills being rusty, I felt great. In fact, I’d have to say that I was in better shape than my riding partner, who has been riding all that time. I’m sold on Gym time and James program. Though I’m not telling my friend 😉 Why give up my edge?


  2. Chris says:

    Lee, I appreciate all your effort.

    Its not the weather here in NorCal that keeps me off the bike but a knee injury. So, reluctantly, off to the gym I go too…

    … any minute now …

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