Sea Otter pro pump track qualifying

We just got done. Here’s who made the big show:

Mitch Ropelato
Brendan Fairclough
Troy Brosnan
Kamil Tatarkovic
Bernard Kerr
Blake Carney
Evan Turpen
Jacob Hyde
Barry Nobles
Jake Kinney
Michael Hoenisch
JD Swanquen
Jason Carroll
Logan Binggeli
Alaine Lanusse
Austin Aldrich
Josh Hubbard
Mikey Haderer
Ryan Prtigrew
George Fowler

Lopes, Hannah and Carter didn’t show up. Lisa Myklak, the only woman, rode well. I came in 25th, eight hundredths behind co-builder Kyle Ebbett. I think I’ll be hearing about that.

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  1. Brian says:

    Next year it needs to be held at better time so more of the big name pros will enter. I saw a bunch of them riding it just for the fun of it. Voreis, Tyler and Cam McCaul, Needles,Mick Hannah,etc. were all having a good time on it. I overheard Kirt talking to someone saying how good the pumptrack is. A bunch of us not so pros also were able to ride it later in the day which was cool.
    That dual stunt racing is really boring. Why can’t Sea Otter just build a couple of wood lips with dirt landings and have a jump contest again. Or don’t even have a contest just have some jumps that they can have fun on.

  2. Brian says:

    One more suggestion. It would be nice if the times were announced when each rider finished their run.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Stoked to hear that Kirt likes the track.

    I agree on all fronts. It’s a shame so many of the fast guys (and gals) didn’t rock the pump track race.

    Jeff Frost, the Sea Otter promoter, is excited about pump tracks, and he said he’s open to the idea of expanding next year. I am going to pitch him on multiple tracks, with racing for all classes. And a pro pursuit format. Pursuits can get long and gruesome. Mick Hannah said he’d be into that if it was on, say, Tuesday.

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